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CIRRUS: Group Exhibition at Dorfman Projects

Curated by Vanessa Buia
November 6 – January 6, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6th 6-9 pm
Wild Goose Chase, 2014

Wild Goose Chase, 2014

Jude Broughan
Sarah Crowner
Jaime Gili
Anna Han
Parker Ito
Matt Jones
Shay Kun
James Case-Leal
Sol LeWitt
Mike Quinn
Julia Rommel
Lauren Silva
Rupert Smith
Ryan Sullivan
TARWUK (Ivana Vuksic and Bruno Pogacnik Wukodrakula)
Amanda Valdez
Artie Vierkant
Siebren Versteeg
Andy Warhol
Much like a Cirrus cloud whose wispy strands of all different sizes and shapes but still similar  form come together momentarily to make a beautiful natural abstraction, the artists of Cirrus come together momentarily to create a vision of contemporary abstraction.
Dorfman Projects is pleased to present Cirrus, a group show curated by Vanessa Buia focusing on the current extremely palpable moment of abstraction in contemporary object making.  In paintings, works on paper, installation, video, and sculpture, Cirrus considers several of its dynamic branches.
From conceptual play alla Artie Vierkant’s musings and mutations of contemporary patents andTARWUK’S myriad level conceptual installations, all the way to Lauren Silva’s brilliantly bold abstract expressionist canvases and Parker Ito’s production line inkjet seductions, the artists inCirrus never cease to push the boundaries of creation.
Julia Rommel erases the traditional gesture, making the alignment, reapplication, and reorientation of canvas to frame and the resulting marks of processes her focus.
Mike Quinn celebrates life’s bittersweet battles with non traditional almost readymade compositions incorporating the materials and forms of addiction and celebration delivering a heavy emotional punch.
Ryan Sullivan whispers smoke on aluminum to form floating, beautiful cloud-like meditations.
Anna Han, in intricate paintings in oil on canvas, brings new breath to geometric abstraction with edgy contemporary color, composition, and scale.  Sarah Crowner and Amanda Valdez  do the same but by isolating sparse geometric shapes with stitching and application processes that bring nuance to deceptively simple form.
Jaime Gili presents highly abstract, multilayered ‘star bursts’ of hard edge geometric abstraction with nods to Latin American Modernism, Futurism, Constructivism, and even the graffiti ethos.
Sol LeWitt’s austere, crisp, yet classically elegant linear drawing illustrates perhaps, in the most simple of terms, the concept of infinity.
Jude Broughan’s playful constructions infuse materials with atmosphere, revealing a sensitivity to objecthood enlivened by visual and intellectual curiosity.
James Case-Leal presents ethereal, perfectly just there markings in spray paint on linen, leaving interpretation tantalizingly to the mind of the viewer.
Shay Kun’s poetic societal inversions, this time taking form in a multicolored liquid red based canvas with elements that could be tears or rain drops, compliments the large scale, digital evolving abstraction of Siebren Viersteg’s New York Times obfuscation and Matt Jones’ poured almost 3-D mythologically framed meditations of theoretical physics.
Andy Warhol’s shadow pieces deal with exactly that- contemplation of the secondary space that both literally and metaphorically defines a shadow.
Rupert Smith’s compositions incorporate diamond dust, deep hues, a seeming presence of fervent emotion and barely there hints of forms to seduce the viewer.
Dorfman Projects was established in 1976 with a focus on established contemporary artists and on expanding and furthering the artistic vision of many of these artists by publishing special projects with them.  Some of the artists exhibited and who have done projects include Lynda Benglis, Donald Sheridan, Laurie Simmons, Roy Lichtenstein, Dennis Oppenheim, Graham Gilmore, and Rupert Smith.


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